Entry Nine

Once again, my dreams occurred in two separate chunks.  The first was far more interesting than the second, but of course I will let you know about both of them.

My first dream happened at a zoo.  I was wandering around the aquatic areas of the place, which were very whimsical.  The habitats and enclosures were very realistic, and the animals all seemed very happy to be there.  I don't recall being with anyone until after I exited the aquariums and came upon Jeremiah.  It was a surprise to see him, since this was unplanned and I hadn't seen him in a long while.  We walked to the land predator section of the zoo and leaned against a display while catching up.  Suddenly, screams could be heard from a hall not far away.  People streamed out of the area, followed closely by a large black wolf.  I uttered profanities, while Jeremiah stood in front of me watching the great wolf run around the hall, overwhelmed by it's new found freedom.  The wolf leaped over another display and was gone.  I started panicking and telling Jeremiah we had to leave, but he was bent on trying to keep the other animals under control.  The hallway that the wolf ran out of was empty now, so we began cautiously walking into the darkness.  He looked over other enclosures containing tigers, bears, panthers, and lions.  Everything seemed fine until I heard a low growl behind me.  I turned slowly to see a very large lioness licking her chops and swaying he tail menacingly.  My heart started pounding as I backed up towards Jeremiah, who had also become still and quiet.  Before I could get to him, the lioness quickly jumped on top of me, throwing me to the ground roughly.  I curled into a ball and placed my hands over the back of my neck, but the lioness did not attack.  She simply held me there and nuzzled at my hands.  I began to cry as I thought that these were my last living moments.  At least it was a cool way to die, and just as I let my hands slip down to my side, I heard a shout come from farther down the dark hallway.  The lioness looked up quickly and removed herself from me and stalked down the hallway.  In relief I stood and looked for Jeremiah.  He wasn't near, or where he had been just before.  The shout down the hallway... It was him.  In an insane act, I bolted down the hallway and rounded a corner.  And then, I woke up. 

The second dream I had was much more low key.  I remember I was spending time with my cousins and their family.  We were walking in a neighborhood and I walked on the road and kept my younger cousin Emily far from the road.  Upon returning to their house, I realized they had remodeled the house.  Savannah's room was very large and boasted two different couches and lounging areas.  For some reason, there was glitter all over the floor.  I remember I was very jealous of her new house, and that my Grandma was there too.  And then, I woke up.  

Entry Eight

Last night was a night with many different parts that were not clearly interrelated.  What I do remember I remember in a choppy sort of way.  In fact, it has been almost 2 hours since I have woken up and still now I am not sure of certain details.  However, I do remember being at work (Chick-Fil-A), and seeing some employees from the music store in the plaza next door.  I got nervous and panicky that I would see a certain one.  He did end up showing up and I felt very awkward.  And then, I woke up.

Oh hold up, I remember more from this one.  I was in a department store, and for some reason I was wearing glasses.  A man told me he needed an eyeglass lens, so I popped one out of my pair and gave it to him.  Later in the dream, I would travel to a set of decrepit docks and fish for scary looking fish with my bare hands.  It was pretty great! And then, I woke up. 

Entries... Whatever Number We Are On

Sadly, I seem to have been neglecting this blog.  Mostly because my dreams lately have been unclear and fuzzy.  However, I remember the dreams that I have had last night and the night before. 

On Wednesday night I had a dream that I was part of some sort of special military group whose main objective was to take down what seemed to be a primarily Hispanic drug cartel.  I remember that I was meant to assemble a team of people to take with me that I thought would do the best for the mission.  I chose the people, all which I am unfamiliar with, at least in my actual friend group.  We equipped ourselves with specialized garments and weapons and went off to get the cartel.  When we arrived, the area was surrounded by many red dots on the ground.  A team member analyzed the dots, concluding them to be buried explosives similar to land mines.  We had a choice now.  Were we going to shoot at the mines, detonating them and letting our presence be known, or would we try and work around the mines, and kill the guards outside?  I decided it would be best to kill the guards first. My team and I began to weave in an out of the red dots on the ground, but we were spotted.  Shots were fired on both sides, screams and wild bullets whizzed everywhere.  I lay on the ground keeping my eye on the guards, while shooting blindly towards the building.  Eventually, the firing stopped, and I stood up.  All of the guards were dead, and so were some of my team.   I remember collecting my weapons and the few live people left and heading towards the building while trying to fight tears.  And then, I woke up.

Last night, I had somewhat of a whimsical dream.  I remember being a dock near a body of water.  I was conscious that where I was located was still Florida, and that the dock was very slippery.  A friend of mine told me to be careful on the wet planks.  I heard a strange sound, and saw many people rush over to the edge of the dock.  In haste, I ran over to the edge as well, but slipped on the way there, falling on my left side very hard.  Trying not to cry, I stood back up and hobbled over to the edge of the dock, only to step back in fear and panic.  I saw a Blue Whale.  A full grown Blue Whale and a calf by her side.  The size scared me.  The power of her fins scared me.  I was terrified and excited all at the same time.  It was then I realized that the whale was stuck.  The water was too shallow for the both of them to swim.  People had phones and cameras out taking pictures and videos, calling friends and family to describe the action.  I knew I had to help the animals, but I saw no way to getting down into the water, or any other feasible means of rescue.  Quickly, I focused on the whales, and the sea around them, willing the water to come together and rise just enough for the whales to swim to deeper water.  Soon, a small current developed and water collected in larger quantities near the whales.  Was I controlling the water?  Spectators began shouting and taking more video as the whales were finally able to swim away into the deeper ocean and live.  Happy about the rescue of the whales, I immediately became scared about what I may or may not have done.  In order to test my... ability, I focused on a small part of the dock and imagined it being smashed to pieces.  No sooner had I done that when the dock broke under an invisible force.  Panic flooded me as I thought of what to do with my new power.  And then, I woke up.

Entry Five

More often than not, I will have dreams about people I am actually familiar with.  But, this is not always true.  Last night my dreams were riddled with people who I don't know.  Also, my recurring "nightmare" reared it's ugly head last night.  Yikes!

I remember being in a department store, and I kept slipping into the racks of clothing to hide.  I wasn't hiding to be mischievous, I was trying to avoid a group of people who apparently were my friends, but one man in particular would follow me around and I was not very happy about that fact.  Soon, I made my way to an employee lounge area, and hid in there.  I saw a fridge and opened it, only to be horrified at the living contents.  There were many crab-like parasites inside of the fridge.  I slammed it shut and left the employee lounge.  I have to admit that my memory of my dream gets fuzzy here.  I remember Tyler, and I remember he was not happy with me.  I felt discouraged and helpless, but don't remember much of it.  Soon, my dream became more clear as I was in an above ground pool in a beautiful yard.  I was in the water, and very aware that my phone was in my hand, but a large and graceful White Egret flew over, and as I was distracted by it, I slipped into a deeper part of the water and went under.  I tried to keep my hand above the water, or even throw my phone out onto dry land, but to no avail.  My beloved Android Jemaine went under.  In frustration, I collected the waterlogged phone and mentally began to calculate how much I would have to spend to replace him.  Suddenly, I was aware that I was smoking a cigarette.  I remained in the pool, alone and seething.  And then, I woke up.

Entries Three and Four

Hey guys, sorry I have missed a few days.  I haven't really had any dream activity.  I had a dream a few nights ago which I will detail first, and then I will tell you about a dream I had today whilst napping only minutes ago. 

I remember that I was participating in a talent competition of some sort.  I was aware that there was a live audience, and that my father was among them.  This fact made me nervous.  I was backstage preparing for my entrance and trying to think of a clever way to stick out from the crowd.  Suddenly, it was my turn to introduce myself.  I grasped the microphone and began to walk out as they called my name, "Alyssa Taravellio".  I sniggered into my hand while knowing that this was going to be perfect.  I would correct the mistake and introduce myself with a story about how throughout my whole life people have had trouble with my last name.  It would be a story to make the audience comfortable, and make me seem like someone I could relate to.  Already, I would be likable and personable, something the other girls before me had lacked.  Just as I lifted the microphone up and began to speak, I heard a swishing sound come from above.  A large painted board was sailing towards the place in which I was standing.  I stepped out of the way in a panic and tried to continue to talk to the crowd.  No sooner had I dodged the first piece when a second similar item fell towards me.  Again, I avoided injury, but now knew something was going on.  I once again tried to continue my introduction, but I noticed the audience was growing unimpressed.  I quickly ended my introduction, and left the stage to discover who or what was doing this to me.  I remember clearly thinking that Kathy Griffin was behind it, seeing as she would be jealous of my comic genius.  As it turned out, it was indeed Kathy Griffin trying to injure me so she could remain the alpha comedienne.  I had no time to think about this, as the acting portion of the competition was approaching.  After watching the girls before me, I was nervous.  I had no acting experience, nor did I find in attractive or necessary to be silly or overzealous.  The stage manager came to me and gave me a brief rundown of what was going to happen.  My character's name was Nasha, and I was to act terrified and skeptical at all times.  I found this information very useful and became more calm.  I was called onto the stage, and immediately a judge told me that I had better impress here, as my introduction was clearly a flop.  The lighting on the stage changed, and light was cast on a lone girl pushing a baby stroller.  Wait, what had the stage manager told me about this?  I was supposed to be scared of the girl?  I was confused and began to grow scared.  The girl came closer, and I recognized her as Marissa.  I was relieved, but remembered I was supposed to be acting.  I approached Marissa and the stroller and spoke with her about the weather, and hew new baby.  Marissa told me something wasn't right with her new baby, as I denied anything was wrong.  The baby looked healthy, and as I placed my hand inside the stroller to observe the infant closer, it lashed out quickly at my left wrist and bit me.  It wasn't so much of a bite as it was a wound.  This tiny baby gouged flesh out of my wrist, and soon the wound began to burn.  There wasn't enough blood for the amount of injury that had happened, and this disturbed me.  Soon, the terror and pain was very real to me, but I tried to finish the scene.  But chasing Marissa and her infant away while trying to wince in pain proved to be difficult.  The lights went dim and I knew I was done.  The audience clapped loudly and whistled in gratitude.  I knew I had done a good job because my fear was true.  As soon as the curtain went down, a young man approached me and took my arm and examined it, all the while mumbling something about how this wasn't supposed to happen.  The stage manager also appeared, but had less concern for me than she did assuring I would keep my mouth shut and let the wound be treated back stage here, and not at a hospital.  Reluctantly I agreed, and the young man began to nurse my wound.  First cleaning it and then wrapping it, but he seemed intrigued the whole time.  At the end of the process I asked what was on his mind, and he replied that he was surprised that they had used a real demon for my acting scene.  I was shocked as he explained that the other girls got to work with a robot, but not a real demon.  I sat back down and held my head to keep it from swimming.  And then, I woke up.

I remember I was at my boss' home.  Or what I guess my brain imagines it is.  It was Christmas time, and my coworkers were gathered for a party.  Not everyone was there, but I remember spending most of my time with Amanda.  I found some small and tasty desserts and kept eating them while trying to find my other friends.  I found Gary in the backyard, he was frying something in a large cooker, and he asked that I make sure I don't eat too many desserts, as they were for everyone.  Peeved, I left Gary to find yet again more of my friends before I wandered into a room with a Wii console.  Jonathan was there playing it by himself, and he was playing Guitar Hero.  He was very good at it, something that enthralled me and made me laugh all at the same time.  I watched him play a lot of songs before moving on into the kitchen, where Katie was there having a drink.  She had a nice teal blouse on and had short hair, something I complimented her on, while she complained and wished the party was better.  It was true, it was a bad party.  Everyone was doing something alone and there wasn't much organization.  Katie and I spoke for a little while longer.  And then, I woke up.

Second Entry

Sadly, there are times when I cannot remember all of my dream.  Such as last night, where I only seem to be able to recall multiple fragments.  It doesn't seem that there is any logical correlation between the things I can remember, but I will let you know about them anyways.

The earliest "fragment" I can remember is standing alone at a wooded tree line.  I was looking out towards an empty and vast playground.  Soon other we behind me including Amanda, and RJ.  I think there were others but I cannot remember.  RJ kept prodding me with his finger and that made me both annoyed and confused.  I didn't know what he wanted because he remained silent.  When I turned to see him, he was wearing a ski mask.  Why?  I do not know.  Amanda asked if I worked that day, and with much sadness, I told her I did.  She told me it was no problem and that I could be picked up after wards.

After this, I remember dreaming of Jeremy picking me up in a car that looked like the fuselage of an airplane.  A man named Johnny was there as well.  They were friendly and fun and I was happy to be with them in the car/airplane.

The third and final piece of my dreams that I remember is that of being in my home.  I remember being in my bedroom, and there was a knocking or tapping at the window.  I live in the second floor of a condominium so this was unusual.  I opened the blinds and looked down and saw a young man standing outside, poised to throw another branch at my window.  I opened the window and asked him to stop, and asked him what he was doing.  He seemed distressed as he told me that he had looked up my Facebook, and that I am the only person who could possibly understand him.  Intrigued, I traveled downstairs to talk with him more.  Once I was downstairs, I could get a better look at him.  He had a plain face with light blue eyes and dark black hair. He also wore glasses and carried a messenger bag over his shoulder.   Apparently, this man was a mutual friend of someone I know... The person's name is something I can't remember.  Regardless, the guy seemed very stressed, so I asked him to come upstairs so that we could talk more comfortably and so that he could relax a little bit.  Once upstairs, we began to talk about ourselves, whilst I cleaned my multiple fish tanks.  The tanks were half spheres mounted on my bedroom wall and lighted with dim lights that reflected off of the colored scales of the variety of fish.  I swished water around, pulled up aquatic weeds as I listened to the man explain to me his life story.  And then, I woke up.

Day 1: An Introduction and First Entry

Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Alyssa Taravella, and for those of you that are familiar with me, you are probably aware that I have strange dreams.  Not only are my dreams strange, but I have an uncanny ability to remember them.  Often I regale these night adventures to friends and coworkers, and finally I have decided to share them with the public!  In thinking about what would be appropriate for this blog, I have come up with some breakable rules or guidelines really.  Whenever I have a dream, I will record it here.  However, if I feel it too personal or even offensive, I will refrain from sharing, or perhaps I will omit details.  Some may say this will alter the true point of recording my dream, with which I agree.  I can tell you all that I am very eager to share every detail as best as I can remember it, despite my embarrassment or shame.  So, without further waiting, I bring to you my first dream.

Often in a night, I will have multiple dreams.  Last night was such a night.  The first dream I happened to have was very short, and of course didn't make much sense.  I remember that I was in front of an astute office building, and for some reason, I was depositing quarters into the trunk of a tree, in order that I might play a pirate video game.  However, the tree was not accepting my payment of quarters.  I grew frustrated that I could not play the pirate game, but I did give up.  I heard a rustling in some nearby shrubs, and at the sound immediately dropped to ground and played dead.  A security guard appeared with a flashlight in hand scanning the ground, and yes, the  beam fell on me.  I decided I shouldn't be playing dead anymore, so I started to get up slowly, while claiming that my dad works in the building.  And that is all I can recall from that dream.

I must warn you the second dream I had last night is not something I am proud of, nor do I support it.  I just... dreamt of it.  I remember I somehow came to be abducted by a strange man who placed me in a small chartered bus.  The bus was full of other people, people he referred to as his "family".  I sat in the seat behind the driver, while the strange man told me that I was the woman he had dreamed of finding.  I was very scared as I sat in the bus with people all around me chattering about various subjects.  I wanted to go home an to turn the man into the police.  I knew I could not escape him though.  Soon, he grabbed an intercom speaker at the front of the bus and began explaining what our goal as the family was.  We were going to kill another family, and assume their identities.  My heart began to pound and my mind reeled as I sat, completely still in my seat, trying to fight back tears.  I looked out the window and realized that dusk was falling.  The bus pulled into a suburban neighborhood and the man spoke once again through the intercom.  He explained that each of us had an assignment.  We were all meant to end the life of a certain family member.  He listed off who was responsible for what.  I was to kill the uncle of the family, and that meant I would be going first, seeing the uncle would be outside tending to the landscape.  The strange man had done extensive research on the family and their habits, and thought we could ambush them, but there was something much more sinister than that about to happen.  We pulled up to a large and modern looking home, and the man handed me a series of kitchen knives.  He commanded me to come out of the bus and murder the uncle, who was presently watering the lawn.  I had no other choice, I exited the bus and tried to hid the knives in my hands as I approached the man, he placed the hose on the ground and came towards me, and in an obvious joy, he told me it was about time I had showed up.  From behind his back he pulled out similar knives to mine.  How did he know the plan?  This isn't what was supposed to happen, it was supposed to be an ambush on a clueless family, and now I had to fight a full grown man with kitchen cutlery.  The man came into stabbing range, so I slashed at his arms with my blades.  He got cut, but didn't flinch, he plunged swiftly at my abdomen, but I sank back and avoided the knife.  I mirrored his last attempt and stabbed at his exposed midsection, the blade sank into flesh, but not very deep.  I retracted my hand and jabbed at his groin.  My blow landed perfectly.  The pain and blood loss was causing the man to swing wildly at me, which resulted in many fine cuts on my arms, which were beginning to sting and bleed profusely.  The man turned and tried to flee indoors, but tripped, which I saw as my chance to end the fight.  While he was on the ground I stepped on his hands, preventing any movement and I sliced his throat which caused his body to go still while blood pooled out of him and into the lush grass.  At this sight, the remaining people on the bus, rushed out and began running towards the home.  I remained outside, but could hear much commotion indoors.  There was scuffling, shouting, sounds of objects being broken and thrown, and at times heavy thuds where people were falling.  Remembering that this was a neighborhood, I dragged the body of the man who's life I ended to the side yard, and barely was able to get his corpse into the backyard.  The backyard was shaded and hidden, and I knew it would be safe to place the body there.  The family dog saw the corpse and began to ingest it, while I turned away and went inside.  There was destruction everywhere, but a sense of calm as well.  I sat in a posh leather chair as a female checked the phone voice mail and changed the last name of the family.  In a quick moment, I ran outside and into the garage.  There I found a skateboard, which I mounted and while skating away, I sobbed and made plans to go home, even though I knew I was going to prison, I still wanted to be anywhere than with that man and his murderous ways.  And then, I woke up.