Entry 12

In the first part of my dream, I was in what seemed to be a general beach tourist shop.  Lots of shirts and shell items were available for sale, but on one table there was a collection of personal items.  Some favorite books of mine were there, along with cinnamon gum and Poke'mon toys.  I was thrilled but confused as to why these items were here.  Them I found a note explaining that my grandmother had purchased these items to make me happy.  I was touched and filled with gratitude, but still not sure why I was in the shop.  After a few more moments of exploring the shop, I found my friend Tyler.  He seemed to think it was normal to be in this place, and demanded to see my gifts.  I showed him my books and toys, and we talked for a long time.  I had a sudden urge to be close to Tyler, so I began chewing a piece of the cinnamon gum and I hugged him.  We hugged for a very long time, and it was awkward when I let go of him.  He offered to take me home, so we got into his Camaro and left.  When we were on the road, we passed a construction site that had numerous large cranes and metal beams.  Tyler thought it would be fun to drive on these cranes, so he sped up and started speeding over the crane beams.  I was absolutely scared of falling off, as the car could barely fit on the crane beams.  I crawled in the back seat and hid and cried and prayed that I would live, and this made Tyler angry.  He thought that I didn't trust him.  He drove back onto the road and dropped me off at a convenience store, not my house, and sped away. 

Now in the second part of the dream when I arrived at the convenience store, I was scared and confused.  I went inside, and in the dairy aisle, I was surprised to find all of my Chick-Fil-A coworkers.  I was more shocked to find out that they were all smoking marijuana.  I needed to leave that area and fast, so I crawled away from them on the floor into another aisle where I found my other coworker Tyler sitting by himself.  I crawled over to him and got close to him and he put his arm around me.  I felt safe and happy there, until a large man with a great beard came into the aisle.  He was asking for money and help to make us all breakfast, but Tyler thought he was lying and didn't trust him.  I made a move to get up and give him some money, but Tyler held me back and told me to stay away from the man.  I complied but wondered why Tyler acted that way.  And then, I woke up.


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