Entry 12

In the first part of my dream, I was in what seemed to be a general beach tourist shop.  Lots of shirts and shell items were available for sale, but on one table there was a collection of personal items.  Some favorite books of mine were there, along with cinnamon gum and Poke'mon toys.  I was thrilled but confused as to why these items were here.  Them I found a note explaining that my grandmother had purchased these items to make me happy.  I was touched and filled with gratitude, but still not sure why I was in the shop.  After a few more moments of exploring the shop, I found my friend Tyler.  He seemed to think it was normal to be in this place, and demanded to see my gifts.  I showed him my books and toys, and we talked for a long time.  I had a sudden urge to be close to Tyler, so I began chewing a piece of the cinnamon gum and I hugged him.  We hugged for a very long time, and it was awkward when I let go of him.  He offered to take me home, so we got into his Camaro and left.  When we were on the road, we passed a construction site that had numerous large cranes and metal beams.  Tyler thought it would be fun to drive on these cranes, so he sped up and started speeding over the crane beams.  I was absolutely scared of falling off, as the car could barely fit on the crane beams.  I crawled in the back seat and hid and cried and prayed that I would live, and this made Tyler angry.  He thought that I didn't trust him.  He drove back onto the road and dropped me off at a convenience store, not my house, and sped away. 

Now in the second part of the dream when I arrived at the convenience store, I was scared and confused.  I went inside, and in the dairy aisle, I was surprised to find all of my Chick-Fil-A coworkers.  I was more shocked to find out that they were all smoking marijuana.  I needed to leave that area and fast, so I crawled away from them on the floor into another aisle where I found my other coworker Tyler sitting by himself.  I crawled over to him and got close to him and he put his arm around me.  I felt safe and happy there, until a large man with a great beard came into the aisle.  He was asking for money and help to make us all breakfast, but Tyler thought he was lying and didn't trust him.  I made a move to get up and give him some money, but Tyler held me back and told me to stay away from the man.  I complied but wondered why Tyler acted that way.  And then, I woke up.

New Idea

Since I have been a terrible dream recorder and blogger, I figured I would try to motivate myself by writing entries that are a bit different.  Instead of the dreams I am currently having, I will instead tell you of my most notable dreams and nightmares.  So to start off, I will describe what is one of my most terrifying nightmares. 

I remember being in the large backyard of my Tennessee home.  There is a creek that runs along the back property line, and scattered maple trees grow in the yard, but for the most part it is very open and hilly.  I was so enthralled by how colorful and vivid everything looked.  The grass was a striking and almost unreal shade of lush green, and the sky seemed to pulsate with a vast spectrum of gorgeous blues.  I felt very happy to be there and be alone and able to explore.  Suddenly, I felt that I was no longer alone.  I directed my attention to the back corner of the yard, and standing on the plank bridge was a small boy.  He seemed to be about 6 years old, and had messy red hair.  He stood on the plank bridge with a hand held near his mouth in concern, I waved him over to where I stood in the middle of the yard.  He ran over to me and smiled.  I don't remember us ever speaking, but I do recall that I had a nice time with this boy.  He seemed to be carefree and eager to run.  We darted around the yard hiding from one another and finding insects.  We lay in the grass and looked at the few puffy clouds in the sky.  We rolled and laughed in the soft green grass until I felt uncomfortable, someone else was with us, and I looked up to see who.

In a corner of the front yard, I saw another boy.  He actually looked like a true carbon copy of the playful boy I was with, but this boy was wearing a dark pair of sunglasses.  I felt cautious and tense when I came near to the boy with the glasses, he didn't have the same disposition that the playful boy did.  He did not smile, he did not greet us, he simply stood there and looked us over with crossed arms.  Soon, a break in silence was made when the boy with the glasses asked me a question.  "Would you give your vision for his?".  I was confused by the question, but before I could ask about specifics, the playful boy beside me screeched and clutched his face.  Startled I looked towards the playful boy and saw that he had started to cry, and continue to hold his face and cover his eyes.  He kept garbling through his tears, "I can't see... I can't see..."  Terror gripped me as I removed the boy's hands from his face and looked as tears streamed from his pupiless and irisless eyes.  Anger burned inside of me as I rounded on the boy with the glasses and asked why he would do this to the child.  The boy with the glasses shrugged in contempt and looked at me and again asked if I would give my vision for his.  I shook my head no and grabbed the hand of the crying playful boy and tried to head inside when my world went black.  I could still feel that my hand was clasped around the playful boy's, and I could still feel the warmth of the afternoon sun, but I could not see.  I fell to the ground and began to cry in anger and helplessness.  Rage built and I stood and screamed at the boy with glasses until my lungs felt like they would burst.  I listened to the sobs of the playful boy until I was able to find him curled up on the ground.  I scooped him up and sat on the ground while I rocked him and made a futile attempt to comfort him and cried with him.  This happened for the rest of the dream.  And then, I woke up.

Entry Ten

This morning when I woke up, I was relieved to be away from the terror of my dreams.  I feel as if there was so much information in my thoughts last night, but I will give it a try and relay it all the best I can remember. 

I do remember that the events took place at night, and that at first I was outside with two men that I do not know.  I was helping them set up for something.  Almost like a small kiosk or stand at an outdoor festival.  A sudden shout of happiness caught my attention as I turned and saw a few of my coworkers.  They were coming towards me, and asked if I wanted to go down the river rapids.  I was curious as to where there were rapids close, but I agreed to go anyways.  I traveled with the group, not taking part in the chatter or excitement because I was thinking too much.  Soon, we came upon a very swift river.  There were numerous small vessels lined and tied to the bank, and we each climbed into one, and began our journey down the river.  The vessels had no means of steering, we all just bobbed down the river, being caught and swept in the currents, which at the moment were quite tame.  Soon, there were people on the banks instructing us to keep in mind the weak spots on living creatures.  I thought they meant search for insecurities in others, but they were speaking physically.  Reminders that places such as the eyes and chest were weak, and that soon that knowledge would be very important.  Up ahead, it seemed that the river either ended or went through a building, so the people on the bank left us to float faster and faster towards the unknown.  Rapids had sprung up and people were being tossed and thrown out of their vessels into the water.  I was able to grab a friend and pull him to the safety of my boat.  We drifted slowly into the building, and once inside we were all amazed.  The building on the outside looked relatively small, but on the inside, it seemed like a vast dome.  The dome had no windows, but it was lined with hundreds, or even thousands of small glimmering red lights.  This caused the inside to be bathed in eerie red light.  There was no sound here except for the end of the river, which was a large whirlpool in the center of the dome.  None of us exited our vessels, just remained and rode the circular motion of the whirlpool, when suddenly, the whirlpool vanished and the dome was opened to another section of the river.  We continued down the river and under many structures.  Bridges, walkways, buildings and the like lined the banks now.  With a loud crack a walkway above shattered and fell into the river.  Scaring us all and making us wary of the activity going on  around us.  Soon, buildings began to shake and shatter into rubble and dust, but I realized this happened in a path.  As if something was moving through the areas of destruction.  I heard a scream up ahead and gazed in horror as a large white beast appeared on the bank and grabbed a nearby vessel.  The monster easily lifted it out of the water, and immediately began ingesting it's passenger.  I remembered then... the information.  I called out to everyone to remember to hit the beast in the eyes and chest.  The weak spots.  I was aware that the boats were equipped with laser guns.  I don't remember if they had been there previously, but it was good the guns were there now.  The air was suddenly filled with the bright light of lasers being aimed and fired at the monster.  The monster was hit in the face and howled in anger.  The creature then jumped into the water and sank under... everyone remained silent and still, guns aimed at the water.  A loud howl and burst of spray, another vessel was gone.  A red cloud remained in the water... The beast was going to eat us all.  Soon, I was saw a murky white mass move near my vessel, and I began to fire into the water wildly.  The beast sprang out of the water clutching a bleeding wound and gnashing it's jaws.  The remaining of my group fired at the monster, overwhelming it and causing it to sink down into the water.  Again, we braced ourselves but this time, another red cloud billowed from the bottom as the great white corpse of the monster floated up to the surface of the river and remained there.  The beast was slain.  I decided it was time to leave, so I extracted myself from the vessel and swam to shore.  Soon, I came upon my church property, and in relief I went to seek warmth and comfort.  Going upstairs into the youth building, I noticed there was a youth meeting that night.  A large group had assembled, and as I walked in, I noticed a teenage girl on the ground moping.  When I asked what was wrong, she told me of the great sadness in her life.  She began to cry, and I felt uncomfortable and left her.  Going out into the hallway, I saw a small Asian girl was crying while sitting outside of a door.  Kneeling close to her, I asked her why she was crying.  She did not speak English, but instead clung to me and continued to cry.  A door nearby opened and she screamed in terror and latched even tighter on to me.  I lifted her up and help her, and looked at who had opened the door.  It was startling to see my boss, Jonathan, standing there.  He seemed calm and collected, but... something was different an strange about him.  He saw me and asked what I was doing with his girl.  I told him she was scared and unhappy, and he scoffed and told me to put her down and explained that she's a young one and will get used to her new life.  I didn't put the girl down until he came towards me with what looked like a stack of damp money bills.  He handed them to me and told me to go make the deposit.  I thumbed through the bills and found them to be fake.  In shock I exclaimed I would never do anything illegal, and Jonathan became angry.  He snatched up the little girl, as I ripped the bills in half.  Jonathan's face reddened and twisted into a rage I had never seen before.  He quickly and roughly took the girl and entered a room, slamming the door behind him and yelling that I had better flee and never stop running, because he was going to come after me and kill me.  In a panic, I ran to the main sanctuary, where a strange worship session was going on.  I broke into the session to sit and think and clear my mind.  I saw friends there from high school, but I decided now was not the time to talk.  I sat in a seat by myself, and thought about how my life was going to end this way.  And then, I woke up.

Entry Nine

Once again, my dreams occurred in two separate chunks.  The first was far more interesting than the second, but of course I will let you know about both of them.

My first dream happened at a zoo.  I was wandering around the aquatic areas of the place, which were very whimsical.  The habitats and enclosures were very realistic, and the animals all seemed very happy to be there.  I don't recall being with anyone until after I exited the aquariums and came upon Jeremiah.  It was a surprise to see him, since this was unplanned and I hadn't seen him in a long while.  We walked to the land predator section of the zoo and leaned against a display while catching up.  Suddenly, screams could be heard from a hall not far away.  People streamed out of the area, followed closely by a large black wolf.  I uttered profanities, while Jeremiah stood in front of me watching the great wolf run around the hall, overwhelmed by it's new found freedom.  The wolf leaped over another display and was gone.  I started panicking and telling Jeremiah we had to leave, but he was bent on trying to keep the other animals under control.  The hallway that the wolf ran out of was empty now, so we began cautiously walking into the darkness.  He looked over other enclosures containing tigers, bears, panthers, and lions.  Everything seemed fine until I heard a low growl behind me.  I turned slowly to see a very large lioness licking her chops and swaying he tail menacingly.  My heart started pounding as I backed up towards Jeremiah, who had also become still and quiet.  Before I could get to him, the lioness quickly jumped on top of me, throwing me to the ground roughly.  I curled into a ball and placed my hands over the back of my neck, but the lioness did not attack.  She simply held me there and nuzzled at my hands.  I began to cry as I thought that these were my last living moments.  At least it was a cool way to die, and just as I let my hands slip down to my side, I heard a shout come from farther down the dark hallway.  The lioness looked up quickly and removed herself from me and stalked down the hallway.  In relief I stood and looked for Jeremiah.  He wasn't near, or where he had been just before.  The shout down the hallway... It was him.  In an insane act, I bolted down the hallway and rounded a corner.  And then, I woke up. 

The second dream I had was much more low key.  I remember I was spending time with my cousins and their family.  We were walking in a neighborhood and I walked on the road and kept my younger cousin Emily far from the road.  Upon returning to their house, I realized they had remodeled the house.  Savannah's room was very large and boasted two different couches and lounging areas.  For some reason, there was glitter all over the floor.  I remember I was very jealous of her new house, and that my Grandma was there too.  And then, I woke up.  

Entry Eight

Last night was a night with many different parts that were not clearly interrelated.  What I do remember I remember in a choppy sort of way.  In fact, it has been almost 2 hours since I have woken up and still now I am not sure of certain details.  However, I do remember being at work (Chick-Fil-A), and seeing some employees from the music store in the plaza next door.  I got nervous and panicky that I would see a certain one.  He did end up showing up and I felt very awkward.  And then, I woke up.

Oh hold up, I remember more from this one.  I was in a department store, and for some reason I was wearing glasses.  A man told me he needed an eyeglass lens, so I popped one out of my pair and gave it to him.  Later in the dream, I would travel to a set of decrepit docks and fish for scary looking fish with my bare hands.  It was pretty great! And then, I woke up. 

Entries... Whatever Number We Are On

Sadly, I seem to have been neglecting this blog.  Mostly because my dreams lately have been unclear and fuzzy.  However, I remember the dreams that I have had last night and the night before. 

On Wednesday night I had a dream that I was part of some sort of special military group whose main objective was to take down what seemed to be a primarily Hispanic drug cartel.  I remember that I was meant to assemble a team of people to take with me that I thought would do the best for the mission.  I chose the people, all which I am unfamiliar with, at least in my actual friend group.  We equipped ourselves with specialized garments and weapons and went off to get the cartel.  When we arrived, the area was surrounded by many red dots on the ground.  A team member analyzed the dots, concluding them to be buried explosives similar to land mines.  We had a choice now.  Were we going to shoot at the mines, detonating them and letting our presence be known, or would we try and work around the mines, and kill the guards outside?  I decided it would be best to kill the guards first. My team and I began to weave in an out of the red dots on the ground, but we were spotted.  Shots were fired on both sides, screams and wild bullets whizzed everywhere.  I lay on the ground keeping my eye on the guards, while shooting blindly towards the building.  Eventually, the firing stopped, and I stood up.  All of the guards were dead, and so were some of my team.   I remember collecting my weapons and the few live people left and heading towards the building while trying to fight tears.  And then, I woke up.

Last night, I had somewhat of a whimsical dream.  I remember being a dock near a body of water.  I was conscious that where I was located was still Florida, and that the dock was very slippery.  A friend of mine told me to be careful on the wet planks.  I heard a strange sound, and saw many people rush over to the edge of the dock.  In haste, I ran over to the edge as well, but slipped on the way there, falling on my left side very hard.  Trying not to cry, I stood back up and hobbled over to the edge of the dock, only to step back in fear and panic.  I saw a Blue Whale.  A full grown Blue Whale and a calf by her side.  The size scared me.  The power of her fins scared me.  I was terrified and excited all at the same time.  It was then I realized that the whale was stuck.  The water was too shallow for the both of them to swim.  People had phones and cameras out taking pictures and videos, calling friends and family to describe the action.  I knew I had to help the animals, but I saw no way to getting down into the water, or any other feasible means of rescue.  Quickly, I focused on the whales, and the sea around them, willing the water to come together and rise just enough for the whales to swim to deeper water.  Soon, a small current developed and water collected in larger quantities near the whales.  Was I controlling the water?  Spectators began shouting and taking more video as the whales were finally able to swim away into the deeper ocean and live.  Happy about the rescue of the whales, I immediately became scared about what I may or may not have done.  In order to test my... ability, I focused on a small part of the dock and imagined it being smashed to pieces.  No sooner had I done that when the dock broke under an invisible force.  Panic flooded me as I thought of what to do with my new power.  And then, I woke up.

Entry Five

More often than not, I will have dreams about people I am actually familiar with.  But, this is not always true.  Last night my dreams were riddled with people who I don't know.  Also, my recurring "nightmare" reared it's ugly head last night.  Yikes!

I remember being in a department store, and I kept slipping into the racks of clothing to hide.  I wasn't hiding to be mischievous, I was trying to avoid a group of people who apparently were my friends, but one man in particular would follow me around and I was not very happy about that fact.  Soon, I made my way to an employee lounge area, and hid in there.  I saw a fridge and opened it, only to be horrified at the living contents.  There were many crab-like parasites inside of the fridge.  I slammed it shut and left the employee lounge.  I have to admit that my memory of my dream gets fuzzy here.  I remember Tyler, and I remember he was not happy with me.  I felt discouraged and helpless, but don't remember much of it.  Soon, my dream became more clear as I was in an above ground pool in a beautiful yard.  I was in the water, and very aware that my phone was in my hand, but a large and graceful White Egret flew over, and as I was distracted by it, I slipped into a deeper part of the water and went under.  I tried to keep my hand above the water, or even throw my phone out onto dry land, but to no avail.  My beloved Android Jemaine went under.  In frustration, I collected the waterlogged phone and mentally began to calculate how much I would have to spend to replace him.  Suddenly, I was aware that I was smoking a cigarette.  I remained in the pool, alone and seething.  And then, I woke up.