Entry Ten

This morning when I woke up, I was relieved to be away from the terror of my dreams.  I feel as if there was so much information in my thoughts last night, but I will give it a try and relay it all the best I can remember. 

I do remember that the events took place at night, and that at first I was outside with two men that I do not know.  I was helping them set up for something.  Almost like a small kiosk or stand at an outdoor festival.  A sudden shout of happiness caught my attention as I turned and saw a few of my coworkers.  They were coming towards me, and asked if I wanted to go down the river rapids.  I was curious as to where there were rapids close, but I agreed to go anyways.  I traveled with the group, not taking part in the chatter or excitement because I was thinking too much.  Soon, we came upon a very swift river.  There were numerous small vessels lined and tied to the bank, and we each climbed into one, and began our journey down the river.  The vessels had no means of steering, we all just bobbed down the river, being caught and swept in the currents, which at the moment were quite tame.  Soon, there were people on the banks instructing us to keep in mind the weak spots on living creatures.  I thought they meant search for insecurities in others, but they were speaking physically.  Reminders that places such as the eyes and chest were weak, and that soon that knowledge would be very important.  Up ahead, it seemed that the river either ended or went through a building, so the people on the bank left us to float faster and faster towards the unknown.  Rapids had sprung up and people were being tossed and thrown out of their vessels into the water.  I was able to grab a friend and pull him to the safety of my boat.  We drifted slowly into the building, and once inside we were all amazed.  The building on the outside looked relatively small, but on the inside, it seemed like a vast dome.  The dome had no windows, but it was lined with hundreds, or even thousands of small glimmering red lights.  This caused the inside to be bathed in eerie red light.  There was no sound here except for the end of the river, which was a large whirlpool in the center of the dome.  None of us exited our vessels, just remained and rode the circular motion of the whirlpool, when suddenly, the whirlpool vanished and the dome was opened to another section of the river.  We continued down the river and under many structures.  Bridges, walkways, buildings and the like lined the banks now.  With a loud crack a walkway above shattered and fell into the river.  Scaring us all and making us wary of the activity going on  around us.  Soon, buildings began to shake and shatter into rubble and dust, but I realized this happened in a path.  As if something was moving through the areas of destruction.  I heard a scream up ahead and gazed in horror as a large white beast appeared on the bank and grabbed a nearby vessel.  The monster easily lifted it out of the water, and immediately began ingesting it's passenger.  I remembered then... the information.  I called out to everyone to remember to hit the beast in the eyes and chest.  The weak spots.  I was aware that the boats were equipped with laser guns.  I don't remember if they had been there previously, but it was good the guns were there now.  The air was suddenly filled with the bright light of lasers being aimed and fired at the monster.  The monster was hit in the face and howled in anger.  The creature then jumped into the water and sank under... everyone remained silent and still, guns aimed at the water.  A loud howl and burst of spray, another vessel was gone.  A red cloud remained in the water... The beast was going to eat us all.  Soon, I was saw a murky white mass move near my vessel, and I began to fire into the water wildly.  The beast sprang out of the water clutching a bleeding wound and gnashing it's jaws.  The remaining of my group fired at the monster, overwhelming it and causing it to sink down into the water.  Again, we braced ourselves but this time, another red cloud billowed from the bottom as the great white corpse of the monster floated up to the surface of the river and remained there.  The beast was slain.  I decided it was time to leave, so I extracted myself from the vessel and swam to shore.  Soon, I came upon my church property, and in relief I went to seek warmth and comfort.  Going upstairs into the youth building, I noticed there was a youth meeting that night.  A large group had assembled, and as I walked in, I noticed a teenage girl on the ground moping.  When I asked what was wrong, she told me of the great sadness in her life.  She began to cry, and I felt uncomfortable and left her.  Going out into the hallway, I saw a small Asian girl was crying while sitting outside of a door.  Kneeling close to her, I asked her why she was crying.  She did not speak English, but instead clung to me and continued to cry.  A door nearby opened and she screamed in terror and latched even tighter on to me.  I lifted her up and help her, and looked at who had opened the door.  It was startling to see my boss, Jonathan, standing there.  He seemed calm and collected, but... something was different an strange about him.  He saw me and asked what I was doing with his girl.  I told him she was scared and unhappy, and he scoffed and told me to put her down and explained that she's a young one and will get used to her new life.  I didn't put the girl down until he came towards me with what looked like a stack of damp money bills.  He handed them to me and told me to go make the deposit.  I thumbed through the bills and found them to be fake.  In shock I exclaimed I would never do anything illegal, and Jonathan became angry.  He snatched up the little girl, as I ripped the bills in half.  Jonathan's face reddened and twisted into a rage I had never seen before.  He quickly and roughly took the girl and entered a room, slamming the door behind him and yelling that I had better flee and never stop running, because he was going to come after me and kill me.  In a panic, I ran to the main sanctuary, where a strange worship session was going on.  I broke into the session to sit and think and clear my mind.  I saw friends there from high school, but I decided now was not the time to talk.  I sat in a seat by myself, and thought about how my life was going to end this way.  And then, I woke up.


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