New Idea

Since I have been a terrible dream recorder and blogger, I figured I would try to motivate myself by writing entries that are a bit different.  Instead of the dreams I am currently having, I will instead tell you of my most notable dreams and nightmares.  So to start off, I will describe what is one of my most terrifying nightmares. 

I remember being in the large backyard of my Tennessee home.  There is a creek that runs along the back property line, and scattered maple trees grow in the yard, but for the most part it is very open and hilly.  I was so enthralled by how colorful and vivid everything looked.  The grass was a striking and almost unreal shade of lush green, and the sky seemed to pulsate with a vast spectrum of gorgeous blues.  I felt very happy to be there and be alone and able to explore.  Suddenly, I felt that I was no longer alone.  I directed my attention to the back corner of the yard, and standing on the plank bridge was a small boy.  He seemed to be about 6 years old, and had messy red hair.  He stood on the plank bridge with a hand held near his mouth in concern, I waved him over to where I stood in the middle of the yard.  He ran over to me and smiled.  I don't remember us ever speaking, but I do recall that I had a nice time with this boy.  He seemed to be carefree and eager to run.  We darted around the yard hiding from one another and finding insects.  We lay in the grass and looked at the few puffy clouds in the sky.  We rolled and laughed in the soft green grass until I felt uncomfortable, someone else was with us, and I looked up to see who.

In a corner of the front yard, I saw another boy.  He actually looked like a true carbon copy of the playful boy I was with, but this boy was wearing a dark pair of sunglasses.  I felt cautious and tense when I came near to the boy with the glasses, he didn't have the same disposition that the playful boy did.  He did not smile, he did not greet us, he simply stood there and looked us over with crossed arms.  Soon, a break in silence was made when the boy with the glasses asked me a question.  "Would you give your vision for his?".  I was confused by the question, but before I could ask about specifics, the playful boy beside me screeched and clutched his face.  Startled I looked towards the playful boy and saw that he had started to cry, and continue to hold his face and cover his eyes.  He kept garbling through his tears, "I can't see... I can't see..."  Terror gripped me as I removed the boy's hands from his face and looked as tears streamed from his pupiless and irisless eyes.  Anger burned inside of me as I rounded on the boy with the glasses and asked why he would do this to the child.  The boy with the glasses shrugged in contempt and looked at me and again asked if I would give my vision for his.  I shook my head no and grabbed the hand of the crying playful boy and tried to head inside when my world went black.  I could still feel that my hand was clasped around the playful boy's, and I could still feel the warmth of the afternoon sun, but I could not see.  I fell to the ground and began to cry in anger and helplessness.  Rage built and I stood and screamed at the boy with glasses until my lungs felt like they would burst.  I listened to the sobs of the playful boy until I was able to find him curled up on the ground.  I scooped him up and sat on the ground while I rocked him and made a futile attempt to comfort him and cried with him.  This happened for the rest of the dream.  And then, I woke up.


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