Day 1: An Introduction and First Entry

Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Alyssa Taravella, and for those of you that are familiar with me, you are probably aware that I have strange dreams.  Not only are my dreams strange, but I have an uncanny ability to remember them.  Often I regale these night adventures to friends and coworkers, and finally I have decided to share them with the public!  In thinking about what would be appropriate for this blog, I have come up with some breakable rules or guidelines really.  Whenever I have a dream, I will record it here.  However, if I feel it too personal or even offensive, I will refrain from sharing, or perhaps I will omit details.  Some may say this will alter the true point of recording my dream, with which I agree.  I can tell you all that I am very eager to share every detail as best as I can remember it, despite my embarrassment or shame.  So, without further waiting, I bring to you my first dream.

Often in a night, I will have multiple dreams.  Last night was such a night.  The first dream I happened to have was very short, and of course didn't make much sense.  I remember that I was in front of an astute office building, and for some reason, I was depositing quarters into the trunk of a tree, in order that I might play a pirate video game.  However, the tree was not accepting my payment of quarters.  I grew frustrated that I could not play the pirate game, but I did give up.  I heard a rustling in some nearby shrubs, and at the sound immediately dropped to ground and played dead.  A security guard appeared with a flashlight in hand scanning the ground, and yes, the  beam fell on me.  I decided I shouldn't be playing dead anymore, so I started to get up slowly, while claiming that my dad works in the building.  And that is all I can recall from that dream.

I must warn you the second dream I had last night is not something I am proud of, nor do I support it.  I just... dreamt of it.  I remember I somehow came to be abducted by a strange man who placed me in a small chartered bus.  The bus was full of other people, people he referred to as his "family".  I sat in the seat behind the driver, while the strange man told me that I was the woman he had dreamed of finding.  I was very scared as I sat in the bus with people all around me chattering about various subjects.  I wanted to go home an to turn the man into the police.  I knew I could not escape him though.  Soon, he grabbed an intercom speaker at the front of the bus and began explaining what our goal as the family was.  We were going to kill another family, and assume their identities.  My heart began to pound and my mind reeled as I sat, completely still in my seat, trying to fight back tears.  I looked out the window and realized that dusk was falling.  The bus pulled into a suburban neighborhood and the man spoke once again through the intercom.  He explained that each of us had an assignment.  We were all meant to end the life of a certain family member.  He listed off who was responsible for what.  I was to kill the uncle of the family, and that meant I would be going first, seeing the uncle would be outside tending to the landscape.  The strange man had done extensive research on the family and their habits, and thought we could ambush them, but there was something much more sinister than that about to happen.  We pulled up to a large and modern looking home, and the man handed me a series of kitchen knives.  He commanded me to come out of the bus and murder the uncle, who was presently watering the lawn.  I had no other choice, I exited the bus and tried to hid the knives in my hands as I approached the man, he placed the hose on the ground and came towards me, and in an obvious joy, he told me it was about time I had showed up.  From behind his back he pulled out similar knives to mine.  How did he know the plan?  This isn't what was supposed to happen, it was supposed to be an ambush on a clueless family, and now I had to fight a full grown man with kitchen cutlery.  The man came into stabbing range, so I slashed at his arms with my blades.  He got cut, but didn't flinch, he plunged swiftly at my abdomen, but I sank back and avoided the knife.  I mirrored his last attempt and stabbed at his exposed midsection, the blade sank into flesh, but not very deep.  I retracted my hand and jabbed at his groin.  My blow landed perfectly.  The pain and blood loss was causing the man to swing wildly at me, which resulted in many fine cuts on my arms, which were beginning to sting and bleed profusely.  The man turned and tried to flee indoors, but tripped, which I saw as my chance to end the fight.  While he was on the ground I stepped on his hands, preventing any movement and I sliced his throat which caused his body to go still while blood pooled out of him and into the lush grass.  At this sight, the remaining people on the bus, rushed out and began running towards the home.  I remained outside, but could hear much commotion indoors.  There was scuffling, shouting, sounds of objects being broken and thrown, and at times heavy thuds where people were falling.  Remembering that this was a neighborhood, I dragged the body of the man who's life I ended to the side yard, and barely was able to get his corpse into the backyard.  The backyard was shaded and hidden, and I knew it would be safe to place the body there.  The family dog saw the corpse and began to ingest it, while I turned away and went inside.  There was destruction everywhere, but a sense of calm as well.  I sat in a posh leather chair as a female checked the phone voice mail and changed the last name of the family.  In a quick moment, I ran outside and into the garage.  There I found a skateboard, which I mounted and while skating away, I sobbed and made plans to go home, even though I knew I was going to prison, I still wanted to be anywhere than with that man and his murderous ways.  And then, I woke up. 


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