Entries Three and Four

Hey guys, sorry I have missed a few days.  I haven't really had any dream activity.  I had a dream a few nights ago which I will detail first, and then I will tell you about a dream I had today whilst napping only minutes ago. 

I remember that I was participating in a talent competition of some sort.  I was aware that there was a live audience, and that my father was among them.  This fact made me nervous.  I was backstage preparing for my entrance and trying to think of a clever way to stick out from the crowd.  Suddenly, it was my turn to introduce myself.  I grasped the microphone and began to walk out as they called my name, "Alyssa Taravellio".  I sniggered into my hand while knowing that this was going to be perfect.  I would correct the mistake and introduce myself with a story about how throughout my whole life people have had trouble with my last name.  It would be a story to make the audience comfortable, and make me seem like someone I could relate to.  Already, I would be likable and personable, something the other girls before me had lacked.  Just as I lifted the microphone up and began to speak, I heard a swishing sound come from above.  A large painted board was sailing towards the place in which I was standing.  I stepped out of the way in a panic and tried to continue to talk to the crowd.  No sooner had I dodged the first piece when a second similar item fell towards me.  Again, I avoided injury, but now knew something was going on.  I once again tried to continue my introduction, but I noticed the audience was growing unimpressed.  I quickly ended my introduction, and left the stage to discover who or what was doing this to me.  I remember clearly thinking that Kathy Griffin was behind it, seeing as she would be jealous of my comic genius.  As it turned out, it was indeed Kathy Griffin trying to injure me so she could remain the alpha comedienne.  I had no time to think about this, as the acting portion of the competition was approaching.  After watching the girls before me, I was nervous.  I had no acting experience, nor did I find in attractive or necessary to be silly or overzealous.  The stage manager came to me and gave me a brief rundown of what was going to happen.  My character's name was Nasha, and I was to act terrified and skeptical at all times.  I found this information very useful and became more calm.  I was called onto the stage, and immediately a judge told me that I had better impress here, as my introduction was clearly a flop.  The lighting on the stage changed, and light was cast on a lone girl pushing a baby stroller.  Wait, what had the stage manager told me about this?  I was supposed to be scared of the girl?  I was confused and began to grow scared.  The girl came closer, and I recognized her as Marissa.  I was relieved, but remembered I was supposed to be acting.  I approached Marissa and the stroller and spoke with her about the weather, and hew new baby.  Marissa told me something wasn't right with her new baby, as I denied anything was wrong.  The baby looked healthy, and as I placed my hand inside the stroller to observe the infant closer, it lashed out quickly at my left wrist and bit me.  It wasn't so much of a bite as it was a wound.  This tiny baby gouged flesh out of my wrist, and soon the wound began to burn.  There wasn't enough blood for the amount of injury that had happened, and this disturbed me.  Soon, the terror and pain was very real to me, but I tried to finish the scene.  But chasing Marissa and her infant away while trying to wince in pain proved to be difficult.  The lights went dim and I knew I was done.  The audience clapped loudly and whistled in gratitude.  I knew I had done a good job because my fear was true.  As soon as the curtain went down, a young man approached me and took my arm and examined it, all the while mumbling something about how this wasn't supposed to happen.  The stage manager also appeared, but had less concern for me than she did assuring I would keep my mouth shut and let the wound be treated back stage here, and not at a hospital.  Reluctantly I agreed, and the young man began to nurse my wound.  First cleaning it and then wrapping it, but he seemed intrigued the whole time.  At the end of the process I asked what was on his mind, and he replied that he was surprised that they had used a real demon for my acting scene.  I was shocked as he explained that the other girls got to work with a robot, but not a real demon.  I sat back down and held my head to keep it from swimming.  And then, I woke up.

I remember I was at my boss' home.  Or what I guess my brain imagines it is.  It was Christmas time, and my coworkers were gathered for a party.  Not everyone was there, but I remember spending most of my time with Amanda.  I found some small and tasty desserts and kept eating them while trying to find my other friends.  I found Gary in the backyard, he was frying something in a large cooker, and he asked that I make sure I don't eat too many desserts, as they were for everyone.  Peeved, I left Gary to find yet again more of my friends before I wandered into a room with a Wii console.  Jonathan was there playing it by himself, and he was playing Guitar Hero.  He was very good at it, something that enthralled me and made me laugh all at the same time.  I watched him play a lot of songs before moving on into the kitchen, where Katie was there having a drink.  She had a nice teal blouse on and had short hair, something I complimented her on, while she complained and wished the party was better.  It was true, it was a bad party.  Everyone was doing something alone and there wasn't much organization.  Katie and I spoke for a little while longer.  And then, I woke up.


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