Second Entry

Sadly, there are times when I cannot remember all of my dream.  Such as last night, where I only seem to be able to recall multiple fragments.  It doesn't seem that there is any logical correlation between the things I can remember, but I will let you know about them anyways.

The earliest "fragment" I can remember is standing alone at a wooded tree line.  I was looking out towards an empty and vast playground.  Soon other we behind me including Amanda, and RJ.  I think there were others but I cannot remember.  RJ kept prodding me with his finger and that made me both annoyed and confused.  I didn't know what he wanted because he remained silent.  When I turned to see him, he was wearing a ski mask.  Why?  I do not know.  Amanda asked if I worked that day, and with much sadness, I told her I did.  She told me it was no problem and that I could be picked up after wards.

After this, I remember dreaming of Jeremy picking me up in a car that looked like the fuselage of an airplane.  A man named Johnny was there as well.  They were friendly and fun and I was happy to be with them in the car/airplane.

The third and final piece of my dreams that I remember is that of being in my home.  I remember being in my bedroom, and there was a knocking or tapping at the window.  I live in the second floor of a condominium so this was unusual.  I opened the blinds and looked down and saw a young man standing outside, poised to throw another branch at my window.  I opened the window and asked him to stop, and asked him what he was doing.  He seemed distressed as he told me that he had looked up my Facebook, and that I am the only person who could possibly understand him.  Intrigued, I traveled downstairs to talk with him more.  Once I was downstairs, I could get a better look at him.  He had a plain face with light blue eyes and dark black hair. He also wore glasses and carried a messenger bag over his shoulder.   Apparently, this man was a mutual friend of someone I know... The person's name is something I can't remember.  Regardless, the guy seemed very stressed, so I asked him to come upstairs so that we could talk more comfortably and so that he could relax a little bit.  Once upstairs, we began to talk about ourselves, whilst I cleaned my multiple fish tanks.  The tanks were half spheres mounted on my bedroom wall and lighted with dim lights that reflected off of the colored scales of the variety of fish.  I swished water around, pulled up aquatic weeds as I listened to the man explain to me his life story.  And then, I woke up.


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