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Sadly, I seem to have been neglecting this blog.  Mostly because my dreams lately have been unclear and fuzzy.  However, I remember the dreams that I have had last night and the night before. 

On Wednesday night I had a dream that I was part of some sort of special military group whose main objective was to take down what seemed to be a primarily Hispanic drug cartel.  I remember that I was meant to assemble a team of people to take with me that I thought would do the best for the mission.  I chose the people, all which I am unfamiliar with, at least in my actual friend group.  We equipped ourselves with specialized garments and weapons and went off to get the cartel.  When we arrived, the area was surrounded by many red dots on the ground.  A team member analyzed the dots, concluding them to be buried explosives similar to land mines.  We had a choice now.  Were we going to shoot at the mines, detonating them and letting our presence be known, or would we try and work around the mines, and kill the guards outside?  I decided it would be best to kill the guards first. My team and I began to weave in an out of the red dots on the ground, but we were spotted.  Shots were fired on both sides, screams and wild bullets whizzed everywhere.  I lay on the ground keeping my eye on the guards, while shooting blindly towards the building.  Eventually, the firing stopped, and I stood up.  All of the guards were dead, and so were some of my team.   I remember collecting my weapons and the few live people left and heading towards the building while trying to fight tears.  And then, I woke up.

Last night, I had somewhat of a whimsical dream.  I remember being a dock near a body of water.  I was conscious that where I was located was still Florida, and that the dock was very slippery.  A friend of mine told me to be careful on the wet planks.  I heard a strange sound, and saw many people rush over to the edge of the dock.  In haste, I ran over to the edge as well, but slipped on the way there, falling on my left side very hard.  Trying not to cry, I stood back up and hobbled over to the edge of the dock, only to step back in fear and panic.  I saw a Blue Whale.  A full grown Blue Whale and a calf by her side.  The size scared me.  The power of her fins scared me.  I was terrified and excited all at the same time.  It was then I realized that the whale was stuck.  The water was too shallow for the both of them to swim.  People had phones and cameras out taking pictures and videos, calling friends and family to describe the action.  I knew I had to help the animals, but I saw no way to getting down into the water, or any other feasible means of rescue.  Quickly, I focused on the whales, and the sea around them, willing the water to come together and rise just enough for the whales to swim to deeper water.  Soon, a small current developed and water collected in larger quantities near the whales.  Was I controlling the water?  Spectators began shouting and taking more video as the whales were finally able to swim away into the deeper ocean and live.  Happy about the rescue of the whales, I immediately became scared about what I may or may not have done.  In order to test my... ability, I focused on a small part of the dock and imagined it being smashed to pieces.  No sooner had I done that when the dock broke under an invisible force.  Panic flooded me as I thought of what to do with my new power.  And then, I woke up.


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