Entry Eight

Last night was a night with many different parts that were not clearly interrelated.  What I do remember I remember in a choppy sort of way.  In fact, it has been almost 2 hours since I have woken up and still now I am not sure of certain details.  However, I do remember being at work (Chick-Fil-A), and seeing some employees from the music store in the plaza next door.  I got nervous and panicky that I would see a certain one.  He did end up showing up and I felt very awkward.  And then, I woke up.

Oh hold up, I remember more from this one.  I was in a department store, and for some reason I was wearing glasses.  A man told me he needed an eyeglass lens, so I popped one out of my pair and gave it to him.  Later in the dream, I would travel to a set of decrepit docks and fish for scary looking fish with my bare hands.  It was pretty great! And then, I woke up. 


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