Entry Five

More often than not, I will have dreams about people I am actually familiar with.  But, this is not always true.  Last night my dreams were riddled with people who I don't know.  Also, my recurring "nightmare" reared it's ugly head last night.  Yikes!

I remember being in a department store, and I kept slipping into the racks of clothing to hide.  I wasn't hiding to be mischievous, I was trying to avoid a group of people who apparently were my friends, but one man in particular would follow me around and I was not very happy about that fact.  Soon, I made my way to an employee lounge area, and hid in there.  I saw a fridge and opened it, only to be horrified at the living contents.  There were many crab-like parasites inside of the fridge.  I slammed it shut and left the employee lounge.  I have to admit that my memory of my dream gets fuzzy here.  I remember Tyler, and I remember he was not happy with me.  I felt discouraged and helpless, but don't remember much of it.  Soon, my dream became more clear as I was in an above ground pool in a beautiful yard.  I was in the water, and very aware that my phone was in my hand, but a large and graceful White Egret flew over, and as I was distracted by it, I slipped into a deeper part of the water and went under.  I tried to keep my hand above the water, or even throw my phone out onto dry land, but to no avail.  My beloved Android Jemaine went under.  In frustration, I collected the waterlogged phone and mentally began to calculate how much I would have to spend to replace him.  Suddenly, I was aware that I was smoking a cigarette.  I remained in the pool, alone and seething.  And then, I woke up.


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