Entry Nine

Once again, my dreams occurred in two separate chunks.  The first was far more interesting than the second, but of course I will let you know about both of them.

My first dream happened at a zoo.  I was wandering around the aquatic areas of the place, which were very whimsical.  The habitats and enclosures were very realistic, and the animals all seemed very happy to be there.  I don't recall being with anyone until after I exited the aquariums and came upon Jeremiah.  It was a surprise to see him, since this was unplanned and I hadn't seen him in a long while.  We walked to the land predator section of the zoo and leaned against a display while catching up.  Suddenly, screams could be heard from a hall not far away.  People streamed out of the area, followed closely by a large black wolf.  I uttered profanities, while Jeremiah stood in front of me watching the great wolf run around the hall, overwhelmed by it's new found freedom.  The wolf leaped over another display and was gone.  I started panicking and telling Jeremiah we had to leave, but he was bent on trying to keep the other animals under control.  The hallway that the wolf ran out of was empty now, so we began cautiously walking into the darkness.  He looked over other enclosures containing tigers, bears, panthers, and lions.  Everything seemed fine until I heard a low growl behind me.  I turned slowly to see a very large lioness licking her chops and swaying he tail menacingly.  My heart started pounding as I backed up towards Jeremiah, who had also become still and quiet.  Before I could get to him, the lioness quickly jumped on top of me, throwing me to the ground roughly.  I curled into a ball and placed my hands over the back of my neck, but the lioness did not attack.  She simply held me there and nuzzled at my hands.  I began to cry as I thought that these were my last living moments.  At least it was a cool way to die, and just as I let my hands slip down to my side, I heard a shout come from farther down the dark hallway.  The lioness looked up quickly and removed herself from me and stalked down the hallway.  In relief I stood and looked for Jeremiah.  He wasn't near, or where he had been just before.  The shout down the hallway... It was him.  In an insane act, I bolted down the hallway and rounded a corner.  And then, I woke up. 

The second dream I had was much more low key.  I remember I was spending time with my cousins and their family.  We were walking in a neighborhood and I walked on the road and kept my younger cousin Emily far from the road.  Upon returning to their house, I realized they had remodeled the house.  Savannah's room was very large and boasted two different couches and lounging areas.  For some reason, there was glitter all over the floor.  I remember I was very jealous of her new house, and that my Grandma was there too.  And then, I woke up.  


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